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Seminars on Technology

Associates: How You Can Get the Technology You Want (1 hour)
This course is designed for new attorneys, and focuses on how to work within the framework of a large or mid-size firm to get the technology they want.

Conquer Catastrophe: Technology Tools You Can Use to Keep Practicing in the Event of a Disability (1 hour)
Chances are that you or someone you know will have need for resources to assist in practicing while disabled at some point during a professional career. A lawyer struck with an injury, illness, or traumatic event must develop a personal approach to maintain a position or practice. This session is designed to educate as to the resources and tools available for every type of disability. If you donít need this information right now, you or a colleague or loved one probably will in the future.

Decisions Decisions: The Who What & Where of Purchasing Technology (1-2 hours)
This course explains how to develop a technology plan, todayís tech specs for purchasing, the role of the virtual office / remote access, how to identify the "right" equipment, use of RFPs, locating vendors, and how to maintain positive vendor relationships.

Email: Etiquette and Ethics (1 hour)

This course will walk you through the etiquette of email use, and explain the ethical issues of which you need to be aware, including client confidentiality and security of email messages.

High Tech Courtroom Presentation Tools (1-1.5 hours)
a/k/a Tools for Courtroom Presentations and Litigators
This seminar is designed to enhance awareness of the available tools for attorneys to use to creation powerful and effective evidence presentation. Some practical "road warrior" tips and tricks will be included to use when Murphyís Law takes effect. Actual samples of exhibits which utilize varying tools will be shown.

Honing Your Internet Skills [Finding The Deep Web] (1-2 hours)
This intermediate session is designed for the practitioner already experienced in surfing the web.  It will reveal why searches so often result in fruitless wading through tons of irrelevant results.  The class will uncover slightly different search techniques and tools, and reveal how to access the "deep web."
Hot Tech Tips and Social Media Strategies (1.5 hours)
This fast-paced session begins with an examination of the technologies which will provide the most bang for the buck for your firm in terms of productivity gains and return on investment. The second half focuses on creating an understanding of what constitutes Social Media, what its role is in client communication and development, and how to utilize it.

Introduction to Law Firm Automation (1-1.5 hours)
"ABCs" of technology for beginners. This seminar covers hardware, software, networking, and other concepts.

Knowledge Management (1 hour)
What it is and how to implement it in a law firm; the technology and organizational management techniques that are required to ensure preservation and proper deployment of essential information to increase productivity, profitability, and value to a lawyer and law firm.

Maintaining and Improving Communications with Existing and Emerging Communication Technologies (1-1.5 hours)
Maintaining and improving communications, whether it's with clients, staff, peers, or bar members, is a constant challenge. Emerging technologies continue to provide additional tools to utilize. This fast-paced session will examine the current state of software, gadgets, and connection options available, as well as address security and retention concerns.

The Minimum Technology Platform for a Solo or Small Firm Practitioner (1.5-2 hours)

What is the right technology, and how do you determine what investment in technology is cost effective? This in-depth course covers planning, budgeting, hardware, software, and networking issues.

The Paperless Office (1-1.5 hours)
Can an office really be paperless? Why would you want to be? This course will cover the hardware, software, and incremental steps to get there.

Technology: A to Z (2 hours)
Designed to transform the Luddite to a technology-friendly user, this session starts with the basics in hardware and software, and progresses to the use of high tech tools.

Technology Planning (1 hour)
Why and How to develop a technology plan

Technology Tips for Attorneys (1-1.5 hours)

This fast-paced seminar looks at some of the hottest technologies and explorers how they can help attorneys be more efficient in their practices with a focus on helping with managing a work/life balance.

Technology Tools to Enhance Client Service, Efficiency, and Communications (2 hours)

Is your firm using the tools available to build leverage, improve communications, and effectively and efficiently service clients? What are the top technologies employed by law firms? What should you be aware of that is on the horizon? What's all the buzz about social media? How does its use fit into the puzzle? What ethical traps and security risks exist in using these varying technologies? The contents of this course change as the technology employed in firms and globally changes and evolves. Come hear the current answers to these questions, and more.

Technology Tools to Level the Playing Field for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers (1 hour)

Smart use of technology today is all about apps and mobility. For just about every expensive software package out there, there is an alternative which is more affordable. Smartphones, iPads, netbooks and other devices run free or inexpensive applications which enable lawyers to efficiently practice the law, service clients, communicate more effectively, and even market themselves easily and affordably. And to do it all from anywhere. This course will look at the most useful tools, gadgets and software to help level the playing field.

The Top Legal Technologies (1.5-2 hours)
What are the top technologies employed by law firms? Is your firm using the tools available to build leverage and effectively service clients? What should you be aware of that is on the horizon? The contents of this course change as the technology employed in firms and globally changes and evolves. At a minimum this course will cover:

  • Knowledge management systems (document management, document assembly, case management)
  • Telecommunications (video conferencing, unified messaging, vmail)
  • Internet (web sites, blogs, RSS feeds, eNewsletters, eSurveys)
  • Email
  • Imaging (scanning, image management, paperless office, OCRing)
  • Security (spam, scumware, viruses)
  • Voice recognition
  • Digital dictation
  • Remote access

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Legal Assistant (1-1.5 hours)
An essential wardrobe item for the well-dressed attorney is a cell phone. Itís rare to find an attorney who does not carry one at all times. But thereís a big difference between a cell phone, which makes telephone calls, and a Smartphone, which can perform a whole host of chores designed to make your life and legal practice more efficient and productive. On the other hand, a Smartphone without useful applications is just more weight in your pocket or purse. This seminar will cover the "best of the best" applications for lawyers for Android, iPhone and Blackberry platforms.

The Virtual Office and Remote Access Technology (1 hour)
Lawyers can manage their practices and improve client service when they understand they can practice outside of their office while having access to everything their office provides, except for live companionship. This program will explain the technology and techniques that let you improve client communication and service from your home, a courtroom, or your clientís location.

Using Trial Tools in the High Tech Courtroom (2 hours)
(Co-presenter part of presentation)
This course, which takes place in one of PA’s high tech courtrooms,  is designed to demonstrate the available tools for trial attorneys to use in the courtroom, and in preparing a case.  Included will be a demonstration of some popular software tools on PC and iPad.

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