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Client Testimonials
Ellen Freedman is nationally recognized experts in her field. Through Freedman Consulting she brings an extraordinary depth of knowledge from which her clients are able to benefit. Many of Ellen’s clients have been kind enough to share their thoughts about their experiences working with Freedman Consulting.

Joseph G. Skelly, Esquire

Ellen has been extremely helpful to this Luddite over the years. She has always been willing to give direction and guidance, irrespective of how complex or simple the problem. Even as I am in the process of retiring, Ellen is giving me advice on a new computer. The last computer purchase was made in 2008, with Ellen’s guidance. She helped me select what I needed then — a powerful Dell laptop — and it lasted for six years. She even got on a conference call with me and the Dell sales representative, because he was giving me conflicting information. Ellen was right, and set the sales rep straight! Ellen is fantastic in what she does.

Charles A. Rausch, Esquire
Partner, Blakey, Yost, Bupp & Rausch, LLP
York, PA

We were very impressed with the professional manner in which Ellen prepared for and conducted our firm's strategic planning retreat. Ellen knows the legal business inside and out, and provided us with excellent guidance and information as we plan for the future. Without question, you get your money's worth with Ellen.

Barbara Zulick
Zulick Law LLC
Norristown, PA 
I think Ellen Freedman is the best thing that ever happened to law office management in Pennsylvania. She is more than well equipped to deal with any management issue that may arise: engagement letters, configuration of office equipment, hiring of staff, hourly rates, billing systems, document storage and retrieval systems, marketing the firm; you name it — she knows it! I highly recommend her to small, medium and large firms alike.

Keith A. Clark, Esquire
Shareholder, Shumaker Williams PC
Harrisburg, PA
Dauphin County

When you retain a consultant, you need someone with the knowledge and style that fits your organization. Ellen encompassed both characteristics. We retained Ellen Freedman not only to review our compensation system and make recommendations to enhance it, but also to generally review firm cultural and operational issues which impact performance. She conducted interviews of staff and reviewed existing procedures. Her recommendations were on the mark and practical. They were presented in a non-threatening manner which enhanced conflict resolution. They addressed our Firm Vision, and reinforced the need for individuals to nurture the firm rather than personal agendas. Ellen has a particular expertise with respect to the use of technology within law firms of our size. We would not hesitate in recommending her to other firms.

Michele Peffer
Office Manger, Joseph J. Plunkett, P.C.
Allentown, PA

Our office first consulted with Ellen Freedman about five years ago when we made the choice to replace our word processing system; moving from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word. (Or as Ellen puts it, we decided to “join the dark side”.) Ellen visited our firm for a week and instructed our staff on the ins-and-outs of the Microsoft Word software.Ellen is a true professional. Upon her arrival, she was met with a great deal of opposition, as the staff was not looking forward to the conversion. However, by the end of the week, she had the entire staff asking why we waited so long to make the change. Her proficient knowledge of the software, delightful disposition and excellent teaching ability continue to be an asset to our firm on a daily basis. We continue to consult Ellen regarding software questions, and each time she always manages to teach us something new. Ellen is an excellent Microsoft consultant and we would recommend her services to any firm.

Adam D. Zucker, Esquire
Mudrick & Zucker, P.C.
Conshohocken, PA

Ellen’s advice was practical and to the point. She understands that starting any new program—be it technology, public relations or human resources—has a learning curve. She works with you at your pace and works within your learning curve and time restraints as a busy attorney. It’s reassuring that as a small firm we can get guidance as to our practice that we once thought only the larger firms could afford.

Malcolm J. Gross, Esquire
Gross, McGinley, LaBarre & Eaton, LLP
Allentown, PA

Ellen Freedman was responsive, professional, and extremely helpful in advising our firm on a whole variety of professional issues. We found working with her to be a tremendously positive experience which benefited everyone here.

Alan Price Young, Esquire
Young & Haros, LLC
Stroudsburg, PA

You should know that besides bringing a depth of professionalism and much experience with management systems and technology to the table, Ellen does not shy away from the other hard issues—she deals directly and effectively with the 'people' problems in a law firm.

Richard C. Mudrick, Esquire
Charleroi, PA

Ellen suggested calling my telephone service provider about voice mail. I have general voice mail that picks up when the office is closed or when all of the lines are busy. I called my telephone service provider and found out that for just $2.00 more each month, I can get 5 different voice mail boxes. Now, my staff can ask the client if they want to leave a voice mail for me, and transfer them. I was told by my telephone equipment provider that I would have to buy a new phone system at a cost of $2000 to achieve the same result. Thanks to Ellen, "I just saved a bunch of money on my ................" No wait, that's a different commercial!

Margaret Klaw, Esquire
Berner & Klaw
Philadelphia, PA

Ellen was invaluable in walking us through the complex maze of options in choosing a new telephone system, negotiating a favorable package for us with the vendor she ultimately helped us select, and overseeing installation and training on the new system (which we love.) She also helped us immensely in negotiating the terms of our affiliation with another attorney who was becoming of counsel to our firm. Ellen is terrific. She has a wide range of knowledge about everything you could possibly need to know to run a law office, and she delivers it with intelligence, efficiency and tremendous warmth.

Sandra E. D. McGraw, Esquire, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, The Health Care Group
Plymouth Meeting, PA

As lawyers and consultants ourselves, we are used to delivering the news of how to "fix" a practice. We are also very aware that when hiring a consultant a lot of practices play a lot of games in who they select, so that management gets the answers that validate their decisions to date. When we decided to hire a consultant, we wanted someone who would tell us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear. We wanted someone who would tell us, our senior partners, where our problems were, without being concerned about what that meant about being hired again, or being "liked." What we found was that we did not like or agree with everything that Ellen had to say, and we certainly challenged many of her statements. But, she stood by her recommendations, and clearly explained why she made them, with facts and statistics behind her. In the end, we implemented many of the changes that she recommended and we are better off for having done so.

Paul James McAndrew
Erie, PA
During my tenure as Director of Administration at a 23-attorney law firm, I hired Ellen Freedman to assist our firm in a “forklift upgrade” of our computer network. The upgrade consisted of replacement of over 80 workstations, a new network operating system, implementation of high speed internet connectivity and secure remote connectivity, and change and conversion of our document management and email systems. It was a massive project. Ellen performed a technology survey, assisted us in formulating a technology plan, identified vendors, created our Request for Proposal, analyzed the vendor proposals, arranged in-house demonstrations and site visits, and created an apples-to-apples side-by-side analysis for our review which helped us to arrive at a decision quickly. Ellen negotiated pricing and contract terms, and oversaw the project implementation. Following each vendor or project meeting Ellen produced detailed minutes with assignments and deadlines to ensure that everything flowed smoothly, nothing fell through the cracks, and there were no misunderstandings. Ellen patiently provided explanations of the many complex issues to ensure that everyone made careful decisions based on solid information. At key points in the project she met with our staff to explain the project, answer questions, and generate enthusiasm. Ellen efficiently created the teamwork necessary between personnel and departments to enable the gathering of information for the efficient set-up of our new software. She coordinated the effort of multiple vendors in order to eliminate finger-pointing, errors and delays. As with any large technology project, problems arise. Ellen ensured that these problems would be dispatched quickly by negotiating detailed acceptance criteria in advance, which she incorporated into our purchase agreement. Ellen assisted our firm in resolving problems by creating a detailed punch list, following up with the appropriate vendors, and updating and redistributing the punch list until all issues were resolved. Finally, Ellen provided excellent hands-on training to our staff and attorneys in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Without hesitation I would recommend Ellen for any technology project, large or small. She has the depth of knowledge and hands-on experience to make it seem easy, to achieve the results the firm wants, and to do so as economically as possible while still achieving the goals of the firm.

Paul M. Perlstein, Esquire, LL.M.
Perlstein Law
Doylestown, PA
It is my pleasure to let everyone know how helpful Ellen is in the management of a law office. I personally have found her knowledge of all of the many computer programs available to electronically do all the things that running an office requires to be especially valuable. Whatever my question, whether it be on Word, Outlook, or QuickBooks, just to name a few, she has always answered accurately and promptly. I have also been impressed with her knowledge of such other management issues as marketing and human resources. I consider Ellen to be one of my most valuable assets in the running of my law practice. I would have loved to have had Ellen as my office manager during all the years when I ran my multi-staffed office. I can only imagine how much easier the task would have been because I know how much easier she makes things now.

Kathleen “Kitty” Terrill
Administrator, Timoney Knox, LLP
Fort Washington, PA

I have had the pleasure of working with Ellen Freedman in a variety of ways over the past six years. My law firm hired Ellen as a consultant when selecting a new accounting and time/billing system, and again when selecting a new telephone system. We used her services in helping us identify various vendors, creating and sending out RFP's, and assisting us in the process of analyzing the vendor proposals. On both assignments, Ellen was focused, attentive to our needs, realistic in her approach to working with both the vendor and our firm, and submitted information to us timely and succinctly. Ellen has an incredible breadth of knowledge, she brings a sense of humor to the table, and is a pleasure to work with. I have learned a great deal during my association with her and would recommend her most highly.

Karen Sirlin
Office Administrator, Sirlin Gallogly & Lesser
Philadelphia, PA
As a law firm administrator, I have had numerous opportunities to consult with Ellen Freedman with respect to various professional issues. Ellen has consistently demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of technical and practical issues essential to the performance of my job and to the efficient functioning of a law firm. She is familiar with the legal community and continues to monitor ongoing developments in the field. In addition, she is always reliable, pleasant and responsive. A few years ago I had hired Ellen to train my staff on several different computer programs. Even though she had broken her foot over the weekend, she appeared for training on crutches. She is an extremely good instructor and got my staff up to speed quickly. Ellen is one of my most valuable resources due to her all–around knowledge and abilities and I highly recommend her.

Arthur Martinucci, Esquire
The Quinn Law Firm
Erie, PA

We asked Ellen Freedman to help us decide the best way to upgrade our firm's out-dated an under-powered computer network, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Ellen assessed the firm's technological capabilities —hardware, software and end-users—and worked with us through a thorough RFP process to identify a great vendor. She helped us negotiate a reasonable price, and worked with both us and our vendor through the roll-out process to make sure the project was brought to a timely and successful conclusion. We've been up and running for nearly 18 months now, without the former experience of weekly—sometimes daily—network failures, and are looking at new ways to exploit technology instead of fearing it.

Mary McDermott, CLM
Administrator. Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP
Langhorne, PA

Ellen Freedman is extraordinarily knowledgeable in virtually every topic conceivable concerning law firm management. This, combined with her direct, common sense approach to problem solving has proven extremely valuable to our 18–lawyer firm in a variety of areas. I've found that Ellen quickly understands our most complex issues and has a unique ability to provide sound advice that fits the culture of our firm—thus increasing the probability of implementation. Her recommendations are always right on the mark and implementable. She continues to be one of my most treasured resources.

Richard C. Woodbridge, Esquire
Synnestvedt Lechner & Woodbridge LLP
Princeton, New Jersey
I learned more practical information from Ellen about Microsoft Word and Outlook in three hours than I learned on my own over the past 25 years - which says a lot coming from an electrical engineer. Her program was well organized and humorously delivered. Questions were encouraged. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't use at least one of her tips. If I do forget something, I always have her handy and well organized printed materials to fall back on. I recommend her most highly as an entertaining and effective way to learn crucial computer skills.

Marian Law Burns
Vice President of Administration, Brintnall & Nicolini, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

[When] our company excitedly announced the cutover to a state-of-the art Altigen telephone and voicemail system, [it] would not have been possible if we had not engaged Ellen Freedman. At the time, I was juggling many major projects and thought I would never have time to install a new phone system. Then a light bulb went off — that’s what Ellen does! As a consultant, she is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle every facet of office operation. My stress level dropped as I dialed Ellen’s phone number. The coordination was massive. Though it was not an easy transition, Ellen made it appear easy. She set up meetings with [all of the vendors and providers] … and ensure[d] that communication never faltered. Ellen confidently dealt with complex scenarios involving switches, circuits, and channels. Ellen provided comprehensive and customized training to all end-users, including our remote employees. She continued to follow up after installation to fine-tune the software and to resolve all remaining issues. As a result of the new system, we became more accessible to our clients, which was quite an accomplishment since we conduct business globally. In short, it was a pleasant and positive experience that made me look good!

Edward Blumstein, Esquire
Mediation Services
Philadelphia, PA
Ellen helped me negotiate the tricky waters of professional liability insurance. She was thorough, diligent , professional in her efforts and best of all she saved me a bundle of money with premier coverage.

Comments from Seminar Participants
Ellen is a popular and well-received speaker. When law firms and other businesses bring Ellen in to speak, the attendees both enjoy and learn from the experience.

Ellen is terrific. She always delivers a quality program.

Very good presenter — great examples, good communicator.

Great reference materials!!

High energy and knowledgeable presenter.

Love her statistics and visuals.

Funny and informative.

The best!

Always thought provoking.

Covered a wide variety of relevant subject matter – done quite well.

Always learn something from Ellen.

Thrilled to have had Ms. Freedman since I follow her columns.

This speaker was great. The information was on point and honest.

This session should be a plenary session for everyone.

Enthusiastic and captivating speaker.

Best presentation of the day. Extremely helpful. All the things I need to know about law practice.

Great practical advice.

Very beneficial. No one really thinks of this topic in law school. Great speaker.

Thanks for bringing Ellen to our conference. Please consider her for keynote.

She is very dynamic and knows her stuff!

Great speaker and very knowledgeable.

Ellen is wonderful, full of energy, entertaining and informative. Great addition to the Bench Bar.

Great seminar!

Get her back for other programs.

Very informative seminar.

I would definitely come back to another seminar presented by Ms. Freedman.

The speaker was Excellent+

Ellen is fantastic! Informative and well organized – thank you.

Best 2 hours I’ve spent at a seminar.

Ellen is great

Very practical and engaging.

Ellen is a dynamic speaker – comfortable with the material and really knows her stuff.

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