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Financial Management Articles (PDF)
Accounting Department Staffing
All Merchant Account Providers Are Not the Same
Best Practices For Client Billing
Best Practices For Trust Accounting
Budgeting for a Banner Year
Calculating the True Cost of Turnover
Capturing More Time and Billing it Too
Cash Versus Accrual Financial Reporting
Cost Control Strategies for an Improved Bottom Line
Developing a Business Plan: First Step for Firms in Need of Capital
Dialing for Dollars - Accounts Receivable Call Management
Financial Reporting Essentials
Getting Paid
How Are You Going To Pay Me?
How Does Your Firm Compare To The Competition?
How Much Does Your Hour Cost to Produce?
How to Select General Ledger Software
Improve My Bottom Line
Investing in Technology - Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Is it Time to Hire?
Is Your Compensation System Still Working Properly?
Is Your Firm a Victim of Shrinkage?
Is Your Firm Safe From Fraud?
Locating And Utilizing Benchmark Data
Measuring Billing and Collection Efficiencies
More About Lawyer Trust Accounts
Of Counsel Arrangements
Of Counsel Arrangements: Dollars and Sense
Salvaging Sweat Equity
Selecting the Right Billing System: How to Determine Your Firm's Needs
Selecting the Right Billing System: What Factor Will Determine Your Firmís Needs?
Staying Out of the Red
Take Advantage of the Current Generation of Practice Management and Time and Billing Software
The Art and Science of Setting and Raising Rates
Why Solo Practices Fail
Suing Your Client for Unpaid Fees
Surviving Personal Catastrophe
Ten Things to do to Help Your Firm Survive in a Floudering Economy
Things You Can Do to Improve Your Firm's Bottom Line
Working for Free

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